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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2013|10:50 pm]
i think i saw news.... journal with v little posts are gona be no moreeeeeeee 
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so i wonder... [Nov. 26th, 2010|01:04 am]
been facebooking too much lately, you can say overdose/overkill. hahaha

and so i wonder what would happen if i had taken a crazy route 7 years ago. hmm...

i could be doing tours round america now i suppose? facebooking makes you go crazy from all the what-ifs!
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goodbye 2009, hello 2010! :) [Dec. 31st, 2009|04:55 am]
2009 been an exciting year, with new things to look forward - work, play and friends. Of course sometimes i feel as if im stuck in a rut... oh wells!

goodbye 2009, hello 2010! :)

2010: no idea what lies ahead, but I do hope everything will go well, not only for myself, but everyone I know be it _ochre , flowervase , raelarae  , cware and everyone else! (p.s anyone i miss out sorrie! but you're on the list in my head!) :)

May you guys have an awesome year ahead, witth all your great dreams coming true! :) For those stuck in a rut like me, I hope you guys are able to solve the issue... le sigh~

out with the bad, in with the good!

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Hungry? Would you like some Bread? [Nov. 29th, 2009|09:19 pm]
Loving some Bread, yummy...

I just borrowed a whole stack of CDs from my friend who have Bread, its been pretty good!

Sinceraelarae wants a bike, I'll love to have...

In white! AWESOME HUH!

Maybe on the budget side, I'll have a HONDA CROSSROAD in WHITE TOO! Been seeing quite a lot of it on the roads recently... argh! hahahahaha

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Ever felt... [Jun. 8th, 2009|01:03 am]
that life has just begun, especially when you're about to turn 21?

like you just want to fall in love with someone deeply in an old-fashioned way just like the movies in black and white?
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端午节 (The festival of sinful 肉粽) [Jun. 8th, 2008|07:26 pm]
It's the time of the year again, where I dream, sleep, think of ba zhang, so extremely sinful, yet so gorgeously yummy when it moves towards your stomach...

Yum =p
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2008|03:57 am]
if any of you guys have disposable income to spare, please donate it to clara's funds. you know to help her do more shopping ;)

if i have the funds (knowing that it's the beginning of the month), i would spend money on benefit's products. damn.
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2008|05:57 pm]
I hardly thought of posting stuff, cause I always felt that my thoughts are too private to share, like how I would rather clam up when in unfamiliar places, for the fear of being judged and criticized.

Recently, I met this person who made me talk about things which I never thought I would, to a stranger, a person whom I've just met. He managed to read me like a book, literally, he told me that he knows what my deepest desires were, and he made me think, think a whole lot. Then I asked, "Why don't you tell me what my desires are? If you could, I would say you're too much of a genius." So before I knew it, he was talking about what it, which caught me off guard. I guess he had the experience, the brains, the book smart and the street smart - there was something about him. The depth of a person, which I never knew. It was a mind-blowing, mind-numbing experience.

Ironically, he didn't have anything in the looks department, but there was something oh so sexy about the conversation. It was filled with adrenalin, a higher high which I have never felt - a kind of high which even alcohol and other substances couldn't have achieved. It was insanely amazing. I felt as if I had floated in mid-air. It has been almost a week since I last contacted him, but the conversation still lingers in my head, all the time, which makes it chilling.


Oh well, I wanted to blog about what I had watched this week, and thought I would do some before Nick picks me up for dinner. We watched Horton, Be Kind Rewind, and Semi-Pro. Yah, we watched 3 movies in a week, what else to do besides movie honestly? Besides sleeping? =X

Horton's a family movie, very sweet, cute, and funny. There's an underlying moral value / lesson taught, and that it goes round a main theme. Which was "A person's a person, no matter how small". But very much different, if you've read Dr Seuss' books. Oh well, movie adaptation what.

Be Kind Rewind
OMG! This show is damn funny, you guys go read the summary of what this movie is about and tell me which is your favorite scene. My favorite was when they were re-shooting Ghost Busters in the library and they were disturbing the old lady, HAHAAHAHA really damn funny can! I know can. But really really funny, and touching at the same time. Worth the watch.

Well, I think Blades of Fury is funnier. hahaha, really! This is like really lame, but not as lame as Meet the Spartans, but funny enough.
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2008|11:13 pm]
honestly, i think living is harder than death.

i wish that life is much more easier than choices and consequences.

it's getting boring. well, at least for me. i just graduated, and can't be bothered with looking for a job. so what am i to do?

part time jobs?

help me to decide please? i'm so bored. bored of studying, bored of almost everything. i need something new, to intrigue my mind.
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An Evening With Broken Social Scene [Mar. 9th, 2008|10:55 pm]
Hi folks,

your friend here just got home from BSS, which was pretty alright, nothing special. maybe just no connection? LIKE with the thought of having an exam later in the Monday Morning, how can i even be excited during show? i was like looking out for the time every 20 minutes. CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY. Crowd was pretty hyped up, like cause they never seen a band here before.

OK! I'm back to crazy studying~ with the kind of review my prof gave for this exam, i might flunk it.

good luck to me. k thnx.
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